Ayurveda: Science of Longevity, MARMA Therapy Self-Treatment Techniques presented by Kathleen Lohr

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Dallas Yoga Center
4525 Lemmon Avenue, 3rd Floor
Dallas, TX 75219

$40 ten days prior to event / $50 After

“Ayurveda”, is commonly translated as “Science of Life”, but it can also be viewed as the “Science of Longevity”. 

Kathleen says: "Ten years of giving therapeutic treatments of Ayurveda to hundreds of amazing individuals has blessed me with a perspective I now realize to be so precious, so unique, so vital & hopefully it has become lucid enough for me to share. Each & every day, in my office, I witness the transformation of both human tissue and human spirit.  I won’t say the tissue becomes younger, but I will say it pauses in its advancement toward the decline of old age.  And what do I witness in the human spirit?  Now, that’s a big part of the story.” 
Kathleen Lohr. 

The workshop begins w/ an overview of the Ayurvedic process known as Kaya Kalpa & how it supports Longevity as a potential consequence. Marma Points are where the subtle energy of Prana communicates w/ the physical body.  During emergencies, Marma Points act as switches, conserving energy from certain organ & muscle groups to channel it to the fight or flight response system.  In today’s world, our body perceives challenges & demands in our lives as a recurring series of emergencies, so when abundant energy is not available to us, it’s often because the Marmas need to be skillfully cajoled into a state of natural flow. 

Marma Therapy is also used to diagnose & treat specific conditions, to reach heightened states of awareness, to improve one’s yoga practice and to maximize one’s state of health. 

Take home technique:  A Marma Sequence for the Face, enhances our radiance and opens Pranic energy to the major glands & organ systems. Handouts provided.

About this Presenter: 

Kathleen became enchanted with Ayurveda nearly thirty years ago when a fellow herbalist returned from Nepal and described the exotic form of healthcare practiced there. She immediately became a lifelong student of the world’s original and most expansive holistic health system, never imagining this passion was laying the foundation for her life’s calling.

After enjoying careers as an industrial photographer and in the corporate world, Kathleen became licensed in massage in order to prepare for a scholarship in the Sri Sri Ayurveda Six-Month Residential Internship at the Arte de Vivre Ashram in Quebec, Canada. During this excellent and intensive program, she perfected the Ayurvedic Bodywork treatments, Marma Chikitsa and Pancha Karma techniques that form the basis of her work. Upon returning to Dallas, Kathleen established her practice and fondly named it “SweetOjas” after her favorite passage from Dr Vasant Lad’s Textbook on Ayurveda.

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Sun, 01/28/2018


Sunday 2:00-4:00pm 

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