Sound Healing & Acupuncture presented by Kenny Kolter & Mark Hernandez

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dallas Yoga Center

Dallas Yoga Center
4525 Lemmon Avenue, 3rd Floor
Dallas, TX 75219

$60 by July 20 / $75 After

Sound Healing and Acupuncture combines the powerful, ancient practice of acupuncture with multiple forms of sound-healing methods. Sound healing harnesses the principle of acoustic resonance to adjust the central nervous system. Like the strings on a resting guitar that vibrates in tune with music played off a nearby sound system, the human body responds to the harmonics that surround us.

As Kenny takes you on a sound journey relaxing and preparing the body and mind, Mark will begin moving through the room and placing the needles. These delicate acupuncture needles will be placed at meridian points related to stress – one at the top of the head, one on each hand, and one on each foot.

When sound and acupuncture are combined, the needles placed at stress points act as amplifiers for the sound vibrations, increasing the impact on the body. As you surrender to the multi-layered vibrations of sound healing therapy, these sounds will infuse the needles with energy, and lend support to the body during the peaceful experience of group acupuncture.

Healing sounds are offered in a variety of textures and tones and may include gong, singing bowls, Tibetan tingsha and temple chimes. The acupuncture and sound work synergistically to release you more deeply into a state of relaxation, and release - ultimately rebalancing your internal rhythms. Sound frequencies, whether generated from singing bowls or gongs, have a direct therapeutic effect on the mind and body. The combination of sound healing and acupuncture is extremely powerful. All are welcome.

About this Presenter: 

Kenny Kolter believes in the profound healing qualities of sound and its ability to serve as a path past our barriers into our inner landscape. Kenny’s goal is to be a sound bridge between the energy and spirit that lies within the rhythm while drawing out or tuning into the energy and spirit that resides in us all. Kenny has facilitated over 1,000 sound therapy sessions at yoga studios, universities, hospitals and cancer centers throughout the country.


Mark Hernandez, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. is a Licensed Acupuncturist (TX Acupuncture Board, NCCAOM), Diplomate in Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (AOMA. He uses his knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine to preserve the old techniques, & help his patients with treatment & prevention of ailments through classic diagnosis & traditional methods.

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Sun, 07/30/2017



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