What's The Fuzz?! The Amazing Stories Our Bodies Tell About Healthy Movement, Living Relationships, and Our Vast Human Potential presented by Gil Hedley, Ph.D.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas--Campbell Centre
8250 N. Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75206


Want to better understand the role of fascia in movement, impacting your own hands-on work, as well as your relationships with both your inner and outer worlds?

Come join Gil Hedley, Ph.D. in his newest live-in-person lecture presentation featuring the latest images from his work in the dissection lab, where you'll explore the textural layers of the human form, particularly the connective tissues and fascia in their relationships and their role in movement.

The material is suitable for Yoga instructors, bodyworkers, Pilates and fitness professionals, all allied health care providers, as well as your clients and students.

In this course, you will: --see and explore deeply within the human body from a unique and rarely demonstrated perspective, --expand, elevate and transform your understanding of human anatomy and yourself, and --bump up your touch and connection skills to a whole new level based on these essential insights regarding our life in human form.

Come join us for a journey closer into contact with the incredible resources we have within us for health and movement!

About this Presenter: 

Gil Hedley, Ph.D., founder of Integral Anatomy Productions, LLC, and Somanautics Workshops, Inc.

His goal for this event is to share a larger vision of community and relationships based upon insights drawn from self-responsible and embodied life experience.

Here's a note from Gil Hedley, Ph.D:
For over 20 years, I have enjoyed the priviledge of guiding thousands of "Somanauts" in the exploration of the human form. I created the word "somanaut" to describe those who explore the inner space of the body, and discover there the rich terrain of themselves. For those curious about my background, I earned a BA in Religion focusing on ethics from Duke University, and went into the academic study of religion for graduate studies at the University of Chicago, where I earned my MA in the study of religion and my Ph.D. in the field of theological ethics. I also trained in and graduated from an esoteric healing arts school, practiced and taught Tai Chi for a number of years, and was at various points certified as both a massage therapist and a Rolfer, though I no longer have any private hands-on practice, occupied as I am in developing educational programming and resources for hands-on practitioners from many modalities. I am basically self-taught when it comes to dissection (as well as videography, photography, and webmastering), and this explains the uniqueness of my insights as well as the humbling errors which I often make! Nonetheless I keep at it, and share my learning curve with others on the fly, and it seems to work well enough for many :)

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For more information about the class, group discounts, and to read what other participants have said about the course, please visit http://www.gilhedley.com/fuzz_info.php

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Tue, 11/28/2017



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