Barb Totzke

My mission is simply to be a guide to help you open a door to your own joy, awareness and expansion. And my teaching style is an exploratory and complementary mix of yin & yang - reinforcing a balance of strength & softness, of power & surrender, of challenge & acceptance. Always acknowledging that the physical practice is only one small part of the wisdom that is yoga. The mat is a beautiful microcosmic school of life and everybody's experience is going to be different. It's a blessing to be part of the journey.

My Certifications:

200 Hour E-RYT
Judith Lasater’s Relax and Renew Training
Shiva Rea’s Trance Dance Training
Landmark Education

Disciplines I teach:

Hatha, Power Yoga, Restorative, Tantra, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra/Relaxation

Where to find me:

V12 Yoga Divine Sight Healing Arts Center Fountain Place Yoga Jewish Community Center The Village Apartments

Contact Information:

barb [at] bespokeyoga [dot] buzz

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