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Are you practicing Yoga Nidra?

Hillary Arrieta

Life, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness, Yoga

Learn how this ancient but widely unknown yoga practice can enhance your life.

I learned about yoga nidra during my yoga teacher training as most of us do but the practice really stood out for me. 

I've been a massage therapist for over a dozen years and have seen how...

la interview: tracee stanley - yogini & film producer


Life, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness, Yoga

Enjoy this interview by and get to know more about Tracee!

Tracee Stanley teaches a breath-...

Healing Abuse within the LGBTQI Community

Dr. Paula Joyce


We all grow up with fears, feelings of not being good enough and insecurities. Now add being told by your family, society and your religion that there is something innately wrong with you, that you need to be fixed, that there is no room in heaven for you and top if off with the belief that God...

4 Tricks to Make Tough Decisions Easier

Bethany Dotson

Life, Mindfulness

If you’re anything like me, making decisions – especially big ones that will leave an impact on your heart, your life or someone else- can be an excruciating process of option-weighing, backing and forthing, doubt, sleepless nights and paralyzing anxiety.

How do I know I’m making the...

How a Mom of 4 Followed Her Passion & Started a Thriving ‘Seed-to-Table’ Family Business

Gina D'Orazio Stryker

Food, Life, Mindfulness, Wellness

I grew up in a tiny mountain town in Idaho, population 724. To this day it is the kind of town where most children of the community stick close to home, close to their roots. But, I had always dreamed of a bigger world, more to explore. So the minute high school graduation culminated, I found...

Karma is like a tube of toothpaste

Kirsten Joy Burch

Life, Mindfulness, Wellness

The word Karma in Sanskrit translates as ‘action’.  Your karma is determined by your actions and also by your reactions to stress. When thought, word and deed are virtuous, virtuous actions (karma) are returned to you. When you move in non-virtuous patterns, then...

Creativity as Self-Expression

Dr. Paula Joyce

Life, Wellness

Self-Empowerment Tip

As promised, I’m beginning my new blogs with a free tip from my e-book, 33 Tips for Self-Empowerment. Your tip for today is: Discover Your Creativity. You can reconnect with your Limitless Higher Self by...

14-year Old Boys, My Ass!

Katherine Galligan

Life, Wellness, Yoga

As yoga class was called to order, I couldn’t help but notice the group of us present for early morning Ashtanga class were all women over the age of 30. In fact the average age amongst the group that stepped forward into Samisthiti was 45 years old. More than half were mothers with kids at home...

How to survive Texas summers – An Ayurveda 911

Kirsten Joy Burch

Ayurveda, Life, Wellness, Yoga

It's Texas, it's Summer and it's dang HOT! Ayurveda gives us the tips to surf through the end of the season with a healthy glisten rather than an angry sweat!

Ayurveda gives us the handbook for living. This verbal tradition was finally written down over 5,000...

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