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10 Steps to Staying Inspired and Manifesting Your Intentions

Tracee Stanley

Life, Mindfulness, Wellness, Yoga

Staying inspired isn’t always easy. Sometimes just completing our daily mundane tasks- taking care of our kids, going to work or school- can seem like a grind. So how do we stay inspired to attain the goals and dreams that we have set for ourselves?

1. Imagine:

Dosha Love – Kapha Style

Kathryn Templeton

Ayurveda, Life, Wellness

OMGoddess, I just met the most “Kapha-rific” man! What does that mean?

Well, let me share... I am in for some great snuggling, hand holding, and attention. We will go for dessert, enjoy time with his friends (because everyone will LOVE him in his friend group), and he might even suggest...

Costa Rica Tacos, and Yoga

Jennifer Malloy

Food, Life, Wellness, Yoga

I think yoga should be the prescription for everything in life. Addicted to food? Try a little yoga. Get caught speeding? Instead of a fine, go to 5 yoga classes. Going through a divorce or life change? Find a killer counselor, and practice yoga. Related to Donald Trump? Try yoga. Busted with...

Fear & the Spiritual Practice

Rachael Patterson

Life, Mindfulness, Wellness, Yoga

My son is such an inspiration for me.  He is practically fearless.  It doesn't matter how many times he falls, he loves to climb.  He would stand on the back of the couch to look out the window before he could walk.  He climbs chairs, tables, his crib, anything he can hoist...

Anxiety of Loss - How Yoga & Ayurveda Helps

Kathryn Templeton

Ayurveda, Wellness, Yoga

Dear Ayurvedic Abbie,

I have been diagnosed with anxiety and I am taking medication prescribed by my medical doctor. I don’t like taking medications and I was wondering what ayurveda says about treating anxiety.

I have always been a little on the nervous side. It seems...

The Ayurveda of Millet - Breakfast for your Kapha

Kirsten Joy Burch

Ayurveda, Food, Weightloss, Wellness

Millet is truly an underappreciated grain. It’s a small seeded grass, cultivated over 10,000 years ago and grown in developing countries. That's Old School food...

Millet is perfect for the Kapha in your family - light, clean and easy to digest - check it out.

Here are the...

Flesh & Feeling - Tracking your Prana

Julie Euseppi

Life, Mindfulness, Wellness

“The bodily changes follow directly the PERCEPTION of the exciting fact, and that our feeling of the same changes as they occur IS the emotion.” William James

Part of being present is acknowledging where we are. We start with the body and perceive “what...

Diet & Lifestyle to support our Monthly Cycle - Ayurveda for Women

Kirsten Joy Burch

Ayurveda, Food, Life, Mindfulness, Wellness

The science of Ayurveda comes from ancient texts of India called The Vedas. Regarded as humanity’s oldest literature, they were written over 5,000 years ago and give insight into the purpose of life, how to be healthy and how to live in harmony in our surroundings. It’s...

Sleep Apnea: Causes & Remedies – an Ayurveda 411

Kirsten Joy Burch

Ayurveda, Life, Mindfulness, Wellness

“Living Yoga” is a state of being calm and staying calm, of being kind and loving. It’s where you finally realize that virtuous intention results in virtuous karma. It’s when you align your thoughts, words and deeds to a higher purpose which allows you to fulfill your heart’s desires,...

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