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Yoga, the Crown Jewel of India: Part 2

Carol A. Stall


The physical, mental, and emotional effects of my first yoga class were immediately noticeable, although I had no real language at that point for describing them, even to myself. What became completely apparent, though, was that I had become so disconnected from my body that I was mostly unaware...

Intentions are more powerful than Stress

Christina Collazo

Life, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga

They say that there are a few events in Life that are top stressors.
In the last 12 months I've faced most of them! 

But ~ I've never been more content.
Tired right now, yes! But content. 
Intentions have guided this eventful year.

Family wise in...

Boost your Immunity For Winter By Optimizing your Vitamin D Level Now!

David C. Morcom, PharmD.


There’s been lots of buzz about vitamin D in the last decade and is regarded by some as a “Super Nutrient” with a multitude of broad benefits. Is this all just media hype? In my opinion, vitamin D is the real deal and its prime importance in health is supported by loads of literature & the...

Yoga, the Crown Jewel of India: Threads of Connection, Part 1

Carol A. Stall


When people ask me whether I've been to India, I always answer, "Not in this lifetime." That is not a lame attempt at humor but comes from inner knowing that my connection with India was there before I was born. I see Yoga as India's crown jewel and her greatest gift to the world.


The Beauty in Stepping Off the Mat

Noel Crane

Life, Mindfulness, Wellness, Yoga

     We’ve all been there. Sitting on our mats in an open room surrounded by yogis with jars of green goodness, lotus tattoos, and exuding inner peace. They stinkin’ glow with the “inner light” we’ve been trying to harness for years by juicing, sweating, and pushing ourselves...

4 Reasons Why Teaching Yoga Is Slowly Killing You

Natalie Cummings


You have it all figured out, the asana alignment is impeccable, Ujjayi breathe is internally audible and is not disruptive to others. Your poise during even the most trying situations in your yoga classes from snoring to gassiness are addressed with a balance of ease and discreetness. You can...

Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Mallory Trumpfheller, RYT200

Food, Life, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness, Yoga

The holidays are supposed to be filled with joy and celebration, right? But so often it can be tough to get in the spirit as you juggle a mile-long To-Do List and a full activity calendar, all while fighting the threat of getting sick. Here are 6 things you can do to help you...

Yoga and Ethics

Chidanandi Sheri Cherokee


Yoga and Ethics Through the practice of Yoga we can tap into our highest human potential, which gives us the ability to transcend our human condition of pleasure and pain. If we don’t have a genuine longing for self-transformation we will not have genuine Yoga. Yoga is about purifying ourselves...

Is there Magic in Yoga?

Ellen de Jonge


They had to drag me to my first yoga class. I always thought yoga was not for me. I was not ready to sit on a mat and talk with something higher than myself. I am a sports person and not a dreamy softy. That was my idea of yoga. I was so wrong. Right after my first class I felt like a load had...

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