Event Dates: 
Friday, May 17, 2019 - 18:00 to 21:00
Event Presenter(s): 
Sangeeta Pathak
Shakti Yoga Center
Shakti Yoga Center
604 Main St
Garland, TX 75040
United States

Investment: $50.   Early bird $45 thru April 15, 2019

The ancient language of Yoga and Ayurveda.
The sweet sounds of ancient chants and internal vibration.
The Sound of Yoga!

Please join us for an engaging, mind-expanding and fun afternoon of Sanskrit language instruction. This workshop on the beautiful language of Sanskrit is easier to learn than what most people think.   

We are honored to welcome Sangeeta Pathak for this extraordinary opportunity.   She makes it accessible to everyone.   We will learn the compelling sounds of this ancient language and decipher its graceful script.

Brief history and importance of Sanskrit (samskritam) to the study of Yoga and modern times. Explore select alphabet sounds and understand why Mantras are healing. Most people (including yoga teachers) improperly pronounce it, and very few understand the true power of this sacred sound. Practice proper pronunciation of commonly used words in Yoga and let’s chant some of our favorite verses together.

Discover the mystery for yourself in this one-of-a-kind workshop. Make sure to bring a journal


Friday May 17 from 6PM to 9PM

About this Presenter: 

Growing up in India Sangeeta learned Sanskrit in school and at home as mantras but when it came to teaching Sanskrit Mantras and Indian languages to her American born children she really had to look beyond what she knew. As a Yoga teacher she makes Sanskrit and Mantras accessible to all by simplifying and demystifying it.

Sangeeta incorporates Asana, the Energy Body, Pranayama, Sanskrit, Chanting, Meditation and Yoga Philosophy for a holistic yoga experience. With her 20 years of Yoga, she seeks to bring traditional yoga to our modern lives, helping others balance and discover their most authentic life by nurturing body, mind, and soul through yoga.

What to Bring: 

Journal and pen or laptop to take notes

Contact Information: 

(469) 223.6673 or at shaktigarland@gmail.com    Additional details can be found at our website www.shakti-yogacenter.com