Claudia Carballal is a certified registered yoga teacher (RYT500) since 2013 through Yoga Alliance with formal training on prevention issues, life skills, self-development, mindfulness, and more recently psychotherapy and counseling. She offers personal development workshops, life coaching sessions, wellness consultations, yoga classes, mindfulness and meditation classes, and life skills workshops for teens and adults.

A graduate student of mindfulness-cognitive therapy and multicultural clients, she is the founder of InnerWellbeing, a personal development company that combines the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of Asian yogic techniques and mindfulness practices used in traditional healing and contemporary psychology.

Over the course of seven years, she has deepened her yoga and meditation practice exploring Hatha yoga under international yoga instructor Chidanandi Sheri Cherokee; Tibetan yoga and meditation with senior teacher Luis Vilela at Tashi Delek Yoga Center in Spain; Hatha yoga and meditation under Spiritual Master Dr. Acharya Shree Yogeesh founder of Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat; Vipassana meditation with Amber Bemak; and Buddhist meditation with resident teachers Gen Kelsang Menla and Gen-la Kelsang Jampa at Kadampa Meditation Center. 

Claudia collaborates with key organizations that help survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and chemical dependency, which often go hand-in-hand. Through evidence-based training as a Prevention Specialist by the state of Texas she can leade and facilitate life skills workshops and presentations, support groups, and drug abuse prevention presentations.

Claudia is an active writer and public speaker on personal development, self-growth, mental health, stress and anxiety, substance abuse prevention, and multicultural issues. She has presented at, and provided training to court houses, public schools, community centers, and organizations in Texas.

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