10260 N. Central Expressway Suite 210
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United States
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We are a functional medicine center of whole life health that has a yoga studio attached to truly promote health at multiple levels. We have two separate offerings here at Carpathia Collaborative: 1.) DYC Therapeutic Yoga and 2.) Mind-Body Wellness Classes.

We are happy to announce our collaboration with the Dallas Yoga Center (DYC) to bring high-quality Therapeutic Yoga to the Dallas community. Together, our vision is to be at the forefront of demonstrating how yoga can serve as an authentic and effective adjunct wellness therapy and inspiring people to live more mindful & healthy lives.

We are also strong believers that the thoughts that we think & the emotions that we feel all greatly affect our health. Thus, many of our classes here at are centered around strengthening the Mind-Body connection which feel is a cornerstone of health & well-being. Join us for weekly Tai Chi, Meditation, Vedic-Thai Bodywork, Interactive Theatre, Qi Gong, Active Meditations & more!

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