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We have a group of teachers that are dedicated to ongoing study, and bring a wealth of knowledge and practiced skill. Our instructors create a safe space for exploration, and are able to adapt the practices to suit any individual at any skill level. They also understand how to work with the subtler aspects of the body, mind, energy and emotion. They can teach you how to use yoga not only to strengthen your arms and stretch your hamstrings, but to balance your mood, cope with grief or anger, find your center, and move with more ease and grace through your daily life.

Our studios are clean, modern and simply decoratedto create an environment conducive to relaxing. The space itself is open, warmand inviting. We provide fully stocked showers at each studio, making the decision to come to yoga before work or dinnerthat much easier. High quality mats and yoga props are available to use at no extra cost.

One of the hardest parts of trying yoga for the first time, is getting over the fear if you will fit in or not. Our community is non-competitive and friendly; there is not a general yoga type. Our students range in age from 18- 65 (some more and some less) and come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find the community avery comfortable placeto be yourself and enjoy your practice.

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