My life up to this point has had many phases, highs and lows.  My adolescent years included being heavily medicated and spending countless hours with therapists giving me various diagnoses. I was told and expected to just behave, but in reality I was unsatisfied.

I came to yoga and finally found a way to manage my emotions on my own but it wasn’t until yoga helped me get through the grief of loosing my former spouse that the practice began to take on a deeper meaning. Initially yoga was only a physical practice.

To practice yoga is to seek freedom.  Yoga has given me a way to pursue freedom over my mind and body.

I teach yoga to show others that they too can find this freedom. My classes and privates are centered on meeting students where they are at and introducing yoga in a way that is compassionate and empowering.  

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E-RYT 200

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Yoga Therapy
Yoga Nidra/Relaxation
Yin Yoga
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