I have been practicing yoga off and on for 20 years. I discovered the benefits when I found I was having difficulty sitting through a counseling session. Lower back and hip pain had haunted me since my 20s. Years later I began to recognize the benefits of yoga for my clients who suffered from anxiety and depression.

My background as a counselor, and particularly my interest in the neurobiology of emotion, led me to begin a more thorough study. I now bring together the insights of Affect Script Psychology, Creation Spirituality and Yogic practices into what I call Integrative Yoga.

Integrative Yoga is an experience that is hard to describe. And it continues to evolve as I practice it in classes at Sync. It includes familiar asanas along with Centering Cues, Facial Yoga, Interactive Expressive Exercises and more. I think that once you try it you will see why Integrative Yoga has the power to transform your life.

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200-hour RYT

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