I began my yoga journey in the 1990’s with a love of books on meditation and pranayama. I have been blessed to learn from many great teachers taking tools and words of wisdom from each experience. I am grateful for those teachers and offer them my humble gratitude.<br />
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Over the years, I have been asked to be present during several births as labor support. It was the great friend from those early years that encouraged me to look into being a Doula. When one of my yoga students became pregnant, I stepped up to the plate. It was an amazing birth and my heart swelled with pride as that sweet baby boy was born.<br />
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It has been a great journey combining my yoga practice with my work as a Doula. My growing understanding of how yoga and mindfulness assist in managing pain in labor as well as contributing to emotional, physical and spiritual wellness in pregnancy inspire me to share that knowledge with all who will listen.<br />
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Above all, I am an artist with a love of all creative life, an advocate of sustainable green living and believer in conscious birth and conscious life.

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My Certifications

ERYT, RPYT, HBCE, Ayurvedic Doula

Disciplines I Teach
Yoga Nidra/Relaxation
Mommy and Me
Where To Find Me
Tom Landry Fitness / Belmont<br /> OmBalance
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cheryl [at] ombalance.com