After dedicating eleven years of her life to Family Law cases in Brazil, her home Country, she decided to quit her career as an Attorney and Professor of Law, and reinvented herself as a Wife and a Mother. In this path of reinventing herself, she pursued her dream of being a Yoga Teacher. She graduated from LISPY School in Dallas on August 13, 2017, and now she is a 200h Psychotherapeutic Yoga Teacher (or PY Teacher).

Christina has a connection with Yoga practice since 2001, when she was still living in Brazil. She had developed severe sciatic nerve pain that went down through her legs and into her feet. She heard that Yoga could be a medicine for her pain, that’s when she met Francisco Kaiut, the creator of Kaiut Yoga Method, and began to practice. She saw amazing results in a few months and never left the practice.

Today, Yoga is part of Christina’s life style. It’s what she calls “my time for alignment, for refinement and for a better me”. She has been practicing in Dallas since 2004, when she moved from Brazil. She has discovered here the Hot Power Yoga and she was part of that practice for years, but she truly believe that Yoga is a method for healing, for the attention to your body and to your mind in a way that together, body and mind will be able to support a good quality of life. Yoga brings vitality, strength, calmness, awareness.

She is now continuing her education with Francisco Kaiut, in Canada. She is part of his Teacher Training that starts in September of 2017 and ends in September of 2018. With that, she will become a Kaiut Yoga Teacher and she will be able to teach his so unique Yoga method.

Christina is also the founder of, a website devoted to mothers and fathers who, with love, grace, devotion and gratitude, have the privilege of staying and work at home as a parent. Her website is

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200h Psychotherapeutic Yoga Teacher

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