David began his journey into yoga in 1993. David started studying under one of Dallas' finest certified Iyengar instructors, Fred Dowd. He has now taught yoga extensively and has visited India numerous times to visit sacred sites, to study meditation under the Dalai Lama, and to study yoga with many contemporary yoga luminaries including B.K.S Iyengar and T.K.V. Desikachar.

He continues to explore the path and deepen his yoga practice studying under senior teacher Ramanand Patel.  He was first introduced to somatic studies during his college years studying embodied yoga with Lisa Clark and somatic movement with the wolrd renowned Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. This somatic work continues to inform his practice and awareness of body intelligence in myriad ways.

David's  teachings of yoga blend the wisdom of Yoga, Eastern philosophy, meditation, somatic movement techniques and the principles of Ayurveda to assist students in their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

As owner of the Dallas Yoga Center since 1998, David has helped to establish DYC as a strong institution infused with an open-hearted vitality which plays a leading role in the Dallas yoga community. His focus is in creating a safe space where people can come to enjoy the depth of the ancient teachings.

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