After 23 years in the corporate buzz, Denae began honoring the tug of her soul to make some much needed changes in her life.  In 2010 she began the journey to more closely follow her soul's guidance.  "I knew I needed to mind my vibrational existence in a way that would better serve myself and others". Her path lead her through two years of mind body and nutritional awareness enhancing her ability to listen to the messages from her body and growing that deeper connection with self. While she grew up with music, singing in the choir and playing in the band, she felt a new and different connection with sound. "After experiencing gongs for the first time, I was immediately drawn to sound in a way I had never before experienced". In 2014, I purchased my 1st gong and began exploring sound with a new and different mindset. 


She began a journey of many paths - workshops, intensive coursework, self-research and discovery on all things related to sound and frequency healing. She has continuously added to her collection of sound healing tools with gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan healing bowls and more. She also continues to be drawn by different sounds & frequencies and their innate connection with healing the body on many levels: emotional, spiritual & physical. It is truly a transformational and deeply intuitive path.


In 2017, Denae became an honored graduate of the The Globe Sound Institute which teaches in depth knowledge on the vast subject of sound & frequency.  Her studies guided her to a more frequency focused private practice which includes vibroacoustic therapy using a sound table.  In her practice, she leverages frequency through music to relax and bring the body and mind into a state where deep emotional and physical healing can occur.


Currently Denae hosts group sound meditation sessions at various locations around the Dallas area.  She conducts private sessions out of her sound room at her residence.

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