It was only when I was expelled from the Citadel military college two weeks from graduation and just beginning to shed a pesky coke habit that my life and outlook began to make a sizable shift. This shift came about more or less accidentally and began in a group yoga class.

I only had a mild curiosity about yoga which wasn’t enough to get me in a class in the first place. At the time I was not so much interested in yoga as I was interested in seeing my wife to be, who happened to be the teacher. Learning yoga and coming to a class turned out to be a nice excuse to spend more time with her. As my relationship with Ali grew, I followed her lead and began to immerse myself in yoga. Ali and I have been each others teacher many times and together we continue to see how vast and profound yoga is. It has inspired in me a sense of devotion.

Yoga has given me a new way of seeing and it continues to challenge me. To practice yoga means nothing if the result impacts only yourself. What good is a new perception if you do nothing with it? No person is absolutely independent of another. We all affect each other and so the yogi’s highest purpose is to teach. I find myself now studying and practicing so that I am able to lift others up through teaching.

We are fortunate to have witnessed many great yogis make their teachings available today. I am grateful to have been influenced by them and to have been a direct student of Shannon Buffington. I am currently a Sanskrit and yoga student under Dr. Katy Komenda and a student at the California College of Ayurveda.

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