Co-Founder, Embody Love Movement For a long time I have called myself sister, wife, mother, account executive and friend – these are all things I do. Today, I know that these labels do not define who I am. For nearly twenty years, I have diligently practiced an ancient tradition of union called yoga. It is through this practice that I have been awakened to who I really am – a teacher and a student, to myself and for others. The reward of this discovery is joy. The yoga practice journey has taught me to live with purpose, through a sincere desire to cause no harm, to embrace each day with the goal of intentionality in mind and heart – today I live from love. Today, I am a yoga instructor. I am wrapped in gratitude for the deep presence of each and every human being in my life. It is with privilege that I teach yoga classes at Uptown Yoga and Equinox. I am honing my heart, teaching individuals and groups, at Embody Love Movement, a Center for psychotherapy, yoga and nutrition in Oaklawn, where we use collaboration as the basis for teaching girls and women to love themselves unconditionally.

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