Jayme began practicing yoga and meditation in 2000 after the loss of her parents; her mother in 1996 and father in 1999 both from cancer. It was a slow process of dabbling with the practice on and off until 2002 when she met her teachers and found a space to dive deep. However, her only goal then was to lose weight, but the mental and emotional support she found far surpassed losing a few pounds. In 2005 she completed her teacher training certification through American Power Yoga and realized her dharma is to share the tools of yoga that guided her through the grieving process thus finding joy and purpose again. Since then her studies have been and continue to be broad, covering martial arts (she’s 4th level in the Lightening Fire Mountain Tibetan Kung Fu System), tai chi, meditation, energy work, ayurvedic studies and anatomy. As a teacher she has accumulated over 10,000 teaching hours through group classes, private lessons, workshops, and teacher trainings.

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Eastside Karmany Yoga Chijmes Yoga and Wellbeing
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