My yoga journey began in 1999 when I took my first yoga class. As a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, I was always looking to improve my physical condition – yes, that is why I took my first yoga class. Little did I know how the practice would change my life completely! I was very pleased with the physical benefits from yoga, and the beautiful heart-opening spiritual practice began to unfold and the love deep inside of me began to shine and I wanted to share this love! After two years of dedicated practice I began teaching yoga. My personal practice was deepening and I began taking workshops with yoga masters such as Rod Stryker, Seane Corn, Baron Baptiste ,and Beryl Bender Birch just to name a few. I have learned so much from these amazing master instructors and they have changed my life is so many positive ways. I continue to follow Rod Stryker as my teacher as I learn and grow as a yoga instructor and most importantly, a yoga student. The practice has opened my heart and filled it with love, compassion and acceptance. I am so blessed to share this amazing gift through teaching. I am filled with gratitude as I continue this journey of Divine love and unity.

My Certifications

200 hour Yoga Alliance
200 hour American Power Yoga
Working torward 500 hour with Para Yoga - Rod Stryker
Yoga of 12-Step Recovery

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Power Yoga
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julietaylorwright [at]