My passion is fitness, period.

I do one-on-one or duo in-home sessions ranging from traditional strength training and cardio, continuation of physical therapy rehabilitation programs, mat Pilates, yoga, stretching, HIIT (interval training) and every combination of them all! I customize a program that works for you and your goals. I will provide a great workout for you when we are together, and give you activities to do on the days we are not training together. I want you to enjoy your workouts enough in order for them to become a sustainable part of your lifestyle. I am passionate about performing functional movements, meaning movements that you do in your everyday life. This allows your daily activities to be effortless and prevents potential injury.

I will not yell a you. I will not make you cry. But I will support you and push you work hard in order to see results! We will talk about nutrition and other healthy lifestyle habits and how we can incorporate them into your life.

I teach a women's boot camp in the Lake Highlands area on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 5:30-6:30 am.  Contact me if that interests you.  The rates are extremely reasonable and we have a ton of fun!

Don't have a space to work out? We can meet at White Rock Lake or Katy Trail! I do 30, 45-minute or 1 hour sessions. Rates vary based on location and situation. My experience runs deep and I am a very compassionate and personable professional.

I have been a personal trainer since 1995. I have trained people of all sizes, ages, genders, and ability level. My undergraduate degree is in Exercise and Health Science from Alma College in Alma, MI and I completed 2 years of coursework for my Master's degree in Exercise and Nutritional Science at San Diego State University. I studied athletic training for 6 years and was certified with the NATA (national athletic trainer association) which is rehabilitation for sports injuries, so I have a rehab and therapy background as well. 

I have been teaching Pilates inspired workouts at Bodybar in Dallas since 2012, and got my first Pilates Mat certification in 2014.  I completed my 200-hour yoga training with Jayme Bushmaier and Amy Johnson in 2015. You can also find me at City Yoga on Mondays at 10:30 for a mixed class of yoga and HIIT!

My Certifications

Power Pilates Beginner and Intermediate, 200-hour Yoga, Crossfit Level 1.

Undergraduate degree in Exercise and Health Science, Master degree work in Exercise and Nutritional Science.

~Was ACE certified Personal Trainer for over 15 years, but one can only keep up with so many certifications! ;-)

I work mostly with adults and high school students on sport specific training.
My Instagram is @trainer_kristen.

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Disciplines I Teach
Power Yoga
Where To Find Me
Bodybar Fitness on Travis St. in Dallas. These are small group Pilates Reformer classes.
Contact Information
trainerkristen [at]
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