Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, Reiki Master, 500 RYT and Nutritionist

Laura is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Lifestyle Coach, AADP, a Certified Yoga Teacher E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance and a Reiki Master. She was previously a Certified Anusara Teacher and is presently teaching a form of aligned flow hatha yoga that has evolved from this knowledge along with Rajanaka Tantra, Ayurveda, anatomy, breath, and the subtle body.

Laura has been practicing yoga for over 18 years and teaching for 14+ years.  She initially found her practice via the restaurant business in NYC: burnt out, exhausted and losing it, she sought out yoga as a way to help manage her stress. Through her practice she found a way to cope and ultimately a way to dive more deeply into possibility and create meaning in this crazy world.

As a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Lifestyle Coach, Laura will be offering one-on-one nutritional counseling and lifestyle counseling in her office in the Wellness Center at the Dallas Yoga Center. Having seen and experienced the benefits of combining a yoga practice with daily routines and prescriptive eating according to her constitution, she delights in educating others about the benefits of this path.  She believes when we choose to fully step into our experience of being present and mindful we can make choices that will optimize our health, create vitality and offer us a life that we love.

Laura is also a Reiki Master and offers one-on-one healing appointments using Reiki, a Japanese energy healing modality and crystals to unblock prana and move energy to unleash our greatest potential.

Laura says that she is “in awe of the elegance and intelligence of the body and she remains curious about how to tap into the potency and the abundance it has to offer.  Laura is grateful to all of her teachers especially her two boys who serve as her best teachers, challenging her, loving her, and keeping it real. She is grateful to have a daily practice that serves as a way to refine her experience on a daily basis.”

To set up an appointment please call (917) 612-6887 or visit www.lauratulumbas.com


"Practicing, studying or having coffee with sage and gifted Laura Tulumbas  is always an honor and a privilege.  Her forthright, direct and generous manner are rivaled only by the depth and scope of her knowledge and wisdom.   Her instruction, always vibrant and clear, unequivocally opens doors and windows for her students, enabling individual journeys which resonate in every aspect of daily life." 

-Julianne Hausler

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