With 20 years of experience, excellent interpersonal skills and success at leading clients through the branding process, Mirella has a track record of branding, aesthetic quality and functionality in all her projects and programs she develops. As Director of Identity Development Partners (IDP) she is responsible for creating and directing programs, business development and maintaining strong relationships.

In 2004 she became a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and always felt a connection between her teaching, yoga philosophy studies and her business. Often her studies in Tantric Yoga philosophy made the greatest impact on clients. Tantra means to stretch, to change, and re-connect to the path that was meant for us. We all have unique gifts within us—just as each company has been founded on specific strengths. Since 2009, Mirella has incorporated concepts she learned from Tantra into her identity building process at IDP and has had great success guiding several individuals to look within and find their purpose. Mirella directs her team and coaches individuals and businesses through their unique process until the proper solution is revealed.

Over the past five years she has shifted her teaching and training focus to include intentional breath work, meditation, and transformative growth on a more individual basis. As a Four Desires Trainer, certified by Rod Stryker of Para Yoga, the creator of The Four Desires, Mirella is incorporating the following programs at IDP:

1. The Four Desires for Personal Development & Identity Building for individuals. 

2. Passion for Life - Communications & Leadership training for high school students that is achieved through yoga,
lecture, group discussion, and written exercises incorporating The Four Desires.

3. Executive Coaching, Team Building, and Leadership Development with a focus on mission, vision and redefining the review process by incorporating The Four Desires tools. 

With a strong addition of The Four Desires process, Mirella would like to share with you how connecting with our subconscious mind is most powerful in business as well as our everyday lives.


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Four Desires Trainer, certified by Rod Stryker of Para Yoga, the creator of The Four Desires

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