Randall Cauley is a Yoga and meditation teacher for over fifteen years. He is the founder of Dragonfly Thai Therapy, a multi-modal, whole body approach to emotional balance, stress relief, and recovery, and specializes in partner practices, somatic and trauma recovery, and working with special populations, especially those navigating PTS.

Randall has practiced, trained, and taught yoga and meditation across six traditions. He is a self-styled "yoga mutt" with backgrounds in Ashtanga, Iyengar / Anusara, Dharma (Dzogchen), Hatha, and the more eclectic Austin Vinyasa and Tantra Vinyasa schools. His approach to Yoga & Meditation is a deep dive, with the intention to approach the tradition and its teachings always with an alert sense of curiosity of wonder. Through breath, awareness, and intention, mystery reveals itself both in our practice and in the course of our lives. His practices are designed to aid and abet the conditions for personal transformation. He teaches private sessions, corporate and group, as well as public classes, workshops, intensives and retreats. His purpose is to teach a life-path yoga.

Randall has practiced and taught Thai Yoga bodywork for over ten years, and developed a blended Thai practice which emphasizes deep alignment, emotional balance, physiological and psychological freedom, and supporting clients through powerful life transitions. Dragonfly Thai is a braided thread of three Thai traditions that emphasizes release, alignment, and balance for the entire being.

Randall is also the founder of Wild Soul Tours, an excursion-class intensive and retreat model which helps people to connect to Self, Other, Source, release old patterns, cross-pollinate new practices, and explore the world one step beyond "humans in captivity" resort models. Wild Soul is designed for those who want to see what's just behind the curtain, to see beneath the surface, and to connect to the soul of a place.

Randall earned his BA from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX with a double major in Comparative Religion & Philosophy and Sociology & Anthropology, and a minor in Women's Studies. His graduate studies and fifteen years of non-profit management and development, specializing in community building, spiritual development, outdoor leadership and service learning, continue to inform his teaching style, and a deep sense that community ("we belong to each other") is the root of our being and purpose.

"If you can laugh, keep the spine long, breathe, and smile, you will love where we're going with this!"

Randall offers his practice to the celebration of Self, Other, Source, and presents his teaching with great humility at the feet of the Teacher, and gives thanks to the many teachers who have gently, fiercely, and inexorably led him onto the Pathless Path and ushered him into Grace.

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Disciplines: Meditation in Six Traditions
Pranayama for Emotional Balance
Hatha, Flow, Tantra Vinyasa, Blended Restorative, and Yin Yoga
EYRT-500 2016

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