Sandra Vanatko is owner and visionary of Indra’s Grace. She has a passion for sharing yoga in a very accessible way. She is a student first. Teaching is part of her path as a student. She has been teaching full time since 2007 when she received her RYT 200 hour certification.  In 2008 she received her RYT 500 certification.  She is a certified IAYT Yoga therapist with over 1700 hours of documented individual yoga therapy cases. Sandra is an experienced student and teacher of Yoga with approximately 10,000 teaching classroom hours. She has trained hundreds of hours and continues to learn, educate, and update her practice and teaching through her own direct experience of the teachings.  Known for being a teacher of teachers she is the creative director of Indra’s Grace Yoga Alliance certified 200 and advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training programs.  Sandra LOVES Yoga!  She is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of the practice.

Students are drawn to her classes because of her warm loving nature and ability to sequence classes creatively. Students feel safe and comfortable to move at their own pace through mental and physical blocks leading towards greater physical strength, flexibility, mental and emotional well-being. She loves to intuit student energy levels to create the perfect class. Classes are always unique and uplifting. Students are encouraged to find their own home practice. Sandra’s passion is to help students empower themselves. She is recognized and certified by Yoga Alliance as an E RYT-500 Yoga Teacher Trainer and a 200 Hour KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She is also a certified IAYT Yoga therapist.  Sandra is also a Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor. Sandra is a certified Holy Fire Reiki Master and offers personal healing sessions. She received her BA in Biology and Minor in Chemistry at Texas AM University in 2001.

Sandra has taught multiple workshops on the healing aspects of Yoga. She is gifted in working with those suffering with specific emotional, mental, physical problems. She loves supporting students working to heal past trauma.  She is often sought after to present on the healing nature of Yoga. She presented pranayama for  Sumits Yoga Teacher Training Program and Rebecca Butler Teacher Training in Fort Worth 2016.  She presented Yoga for Emotional Healing at the 2012 and 2013, and 2015 Texas Yoga Conference and also shared at the RWA National Conference in 2016.  Sandra loves blending science and spirituality and believes that true healing starts from within.

Sandra teaches weekly group and private classes. She offers personalized Yoga therapy sessions, healing sessions, and spiritual guidance.  Sandra is a student of awareness. She brings her meditative practice into healing sessions to support activation of the inner healer. Sandra loves yoga and all things meditation. Her intention is to embody universal love and to allow it to flow compassionately in sessions for deep restoration, healing, rejuvenation, awakening, and healing spirit, mind, and body. It is Sandra’s intention to support students awakening to their innate wholeness right here, right now. 

She leads retreats yearly to Costa Rica and beyond.  Currently Sandra is training to become a certified Holotropic Breath Work Facilitator.  She has also trained over 300 hours in Pointing out the Way style Meditation and is a student of John Churchhill and Rupert Spira which both teach on the essence of yoga.  Forever the avid student you will always find Sandra learning something about Yoga. She is an eager student of presence practice and uses each moment to learn from. 

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