I started practicing yoga for the physical benefits, but I found myself more and more drawn to the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga. Yoga became something I did for myself every day. Hungry for more, I dove right in to my 200 hour teacher training at Lotus Yoga to attain the knowledge and a better understanding of yoga as a whole. My love for yoga grew exponentially from there. I have studied with Rod Stryker, Judith Hanson Lasater, Aaron Price, Tara Kristof, and Jennifer Hensley.

Yoga has changed my life in so many ways. I realized it doesn’t matter if you fall out of a pose or that a pose does not look a certain way, what matters is that you try to your best ability and keep going when you fall. I believe the real yoga begins off of the mat. Living and practicing this philosophy has taught me compassion; compassion for myself and compassion for others.

My yoga teaching philosophy is to honor who you are and your body. I believe each student should adjust a pose for their body versus adjusting their body to a pose. Adjustments are what make it your authentic yoga practice. I am here as a guide on your journey.

My Certifications

200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification with Yoga Alliance

Prenatal Yoga with Tara Kristof

Yoga for Anxiety & Depression with Aaron Price

Relax & Renew with Judith Hanson Lasater

Yin Yoga with Felicia Tomasko

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Disciplines I Teach
Yin Yoga
Where To Find Me
Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Larry North Fitness @ Cityplace
Contact Information
susanlotito [at] yahoo.com