Sunnye’s approach to yoga is to find the best version of a pose for each individual and to honor the ever-changing landscape of our bodies from day-to-day.  Whether desiring improved mobility, recovering from an injury, a desk jockey or an athlete, her approach is to meet your needs.  She looks for non-intrusive ways to use the body to heal and restore through gentle stretching, myofascial release techniques and breathing.  Face Yoga Method is used to lift and strengthen muscles in the face with the added benefit of reducing tension.

Combined, all of these techniques provide an accessible path to realize a full mind+body connection.  Sunnye is passionate about the resilience of the human body and each student’s ability to restore the mind and body through simple techniques.

With over 20 years working in tech, Sunnye understands the stresses and pressures being faced and breaks down quick and simple techniques you can do almost anywhere…even while driving!  

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Certified Aromatherapist
E-RYT 200
Relax and Renew® 
Face Yoga Method® 
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Yin Yoga
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