Summit Yoga 200hr YA Teacher Training

Summit Dallas 200hr YA Teacher Training
8 weekends with 2 rotating make up weekends!
Graduate with 3 classes that you create througout the course!
March 7 thru April 28, 2015


Yoga of the Subtle Body Asana Workshop with Tias Little presented by Tias Litlle

This intensive aims to embody wisdom by engaging the subtlety and power of asana training.
Feb. 27 thru March 1, 2015


Growing Your Gratitude Yoga Retreat presented by Jennifer Taylor and Lerna Clearman

Rediscover the joy in your life. Reconnect with your body and mind through breath, movement and meditation. Cultivate a more positive relationship with yourself through gratitude.
Feb. 6 thru Feb. 8, 2015


Freedom Yoga - Asana and Meditation with Erich Schiffmann presented by Erich Schiffmann

Erich helps you develop deeper levels of self-trust based on the growing conviction that you are the specific and unique self-expression of Life, Love, Truth, Omnipresence, God Guru, and Self
April 17 thru April 19, 2015


300 Hr Teacher Training presented by David Sunshine, Jessica O'Keefe, Carla Rudiger, Paula Weithman, Chris Greene, Shelagh McElroy and Mary Kimberlin

Take your training further! The 300 hr training is designed by DYC's senior staff.
Feb 21 thru Nov. 21, 2015

Event Spotlights


Shakti and Bhakti: ParaYoga in Costa Rica with Lauren Toolin and Tanya Boigenzahn


Sat, 01/31/2015 - Sat, 02/07/2015

Thu, 03/12/2015


Judith Hanson Lasater

We are just too busy, too occupied, too distracted, too over-scheduled...

David Romanelli

I will save you the mumbo jumbo about New Years Resolutions.


Anodea Judith

Everyone seems to know about chakras these days – at least as a concept...

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