Thanksgiving Saturday Yogi Style - Top 10

Authored By: 
Kirsten Joy Burch

Having 2 days off in a row is considered a weekend in my muggle mind, so last night as I prepared for bed, I readied myself for the ‘work week’ ahead…except tomorrow was Thanksgiving Saturday! The bonus weekend was about to begin so my yogi mind took over - the message was clear - selfcare time was mandatory.

You, too? Then let's try this:

  1. Additional meditation and pranayama time
  2. Candle-lit abhyangha (oil massage) with a playlist dedicated to self-appreciation
  3. A longer than usual bath, foot scrub and pedicure (foot care is important!)
  4. Kitchari to support digestion and holiday detox
  5. Study, self-reflection, journaling, reading old journals
  6. A slow, long twist practice
  7. Yoga Nidra (daily? Twice daily?!)
  8. Relaxation time outside - a lot of it
  9. Karma yoga - giving time or resources freely to someone in need, without expectation (especially good for Pitta constitution)
  10. Connecting with old friends

Encore to-do - dance like no one's watching!

2 days - 10 to-dos - a weekend to say THANK YOU to body, breath, mind, and higher intelligence for all it's done over the decades!

About the Author: 

Owner of Living Yoga Dallas, and founder of Prani Lifestyle Consulting, Kirsten studies and practices yoga from the Himalayan Masters tradition, and studies Ayurveda with Arpita Shah of Om Yoga Journey. Her first career was in healthcare and medicine, but she made a career change in the 90s to work in finance and sales operations in the software industry. After losing her husband to brain cancer in 2014, she began her full time studies of yoga & ayurveda as a means of recovery. She found a great desire to teach others the ancient science and philosophy of holistic medicine and mindful selfcare, and now teaches public, private and workshop classes, as well as speaks to groups, corporatons and agencies about the benefits of the practice and how to begin.

She can be contacted at Kirsten [at] PraniLife [dot] com for scheduling.

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