5 Aromatic Herbal Teas To Match With Your Yoga

There's nothing more soothing than a warm drink after a long, tiring day. Not only does it make you feel good inside but it also helps get rid of any physical pain you might be having. Besides, it is also good for de-stressing.

Herbal teas work exactly that way. They relax you and have also proven to be remedies for several ailments and sicknesses. They hardly contain any caffeine unlike the regular teas. Herbal tea is not made out of the tea plant, but from different herbs; leaves, roots, seeds, bark. You could even grow these in your backyard. If rightly used, the health benefits that herbal teas provide are numerous.

Which tea is best for you? Well, since they are purely herbal, they do not really have any side effects, unless you are already suffering from an illness, in which case it would be best for you to consult your physician before using these teas as a medicine.

Your choice of the herbal tea depends on what you are looking to gain out of it. You want to lose weight? Maybe get rid of stress? Cure insomnia naturally? Give your skin that desirable glow? Or help your elderly parents age with grace as they make these herbal infusions a permanent part of their diet plan.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is your thing if you need to cure abdominal gas and bloating. It also helps with muscle spasms, nausea and motion sickness. It acts as an antispasmodic so when you need to relieve your throat, this is what you should drink; it will help relax your throat and chest muscles. Another benefit of this tea is that it is a wonderful detoxifier. Drinking it makes you feel hot and you sweat away the toxins. Because of its antibacterial properties, drinking it helps you avoid illnesses like fevers, coughs, and colds.

Avoid peppermint tea if you constantly suffer from indigestion or heartburn as it can worsen these problems.

Ginger tea

Ginger is a holistic remedy for stomach problems so it’s natural that its tea would give similar benefits. Ginger tea also helps with digestion, nausea and vomiting and curbs motion sickness. When mixed with lemon juice and honey, it is a natural cure against cold. While ginger tea is healthy as a drink, it is also helpful if used as topical application; for instance you could apply a towel soaked in ginger tea to the pain affected area, and it helps especially in relieving menstrual cramps and inflammation of the joints. Ginger, containing high anti oxidation contents, strengthens immunity.

Rooibos tea

Rooibos is rich in antioxidants, making it a perfect substance for warding off illnesses and aging. Those with skin conditions like eczema should also make it a routine to drink rooibos tea. It is loaded with vitamin C – which is good for skin – and some other nutrients as well.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea calms and sedates the nerves, and its anti-anxiety properties make it a natural remedy for insomnia. It is good for the nerves and helps one relax and de-stress. Drinking it after a meal improves digestion. It is also beneficial for cough, strep throat and bronchitis, for fever and for mouth inflammation.

You could be allergic to chamomile and if that is the case you should obviously avoid consuming it in any form.

Lemon balm tea

You can easily grow lemon balm in your house garden. Lemon balm tea is a super refreshing drink, especially for winters. It lifts up your spirits and helps one to focus. Drinking lemon balm tea helps calm down your nerves and anxiety. Its tea bags, when applied on sores, are also beneficial. This can be had warm or iced, and the flavor can be improved by adding lemon juice or maple syrup. Lemon balm tea is not only good for adults but kids can also benefit from it, especially those who get frequent nightmares while sleeping.

Diane L. McKay, PhD and a certified scientist from Tufts University who happens to study antioxidants says, “You want to incorporate healthy beverages in your diet on a more regular basis to benefit from these health-promoting properties. It’s not just about the foods; it’s about what you drink, as well, that can contribute to your health."