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Place Listings

Alpha Omega Yoga is 200 Hour and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Become more than just an exercise instructure with our teacher training program. Our  pricing structure makes this training even more accessible to more yoga teachers and those that want to expand their own practice! Our desire is to bring you some of the profound teachings of the ancient Vedic Sages, providing a solid foundation for your personal and professional practice of Yoga. Our teaching is based on authentic yoga practices in India, which will give you a bridge to combine modern day life with the wisdom of these age...

At Dude, Sweet Chocolate we concoct, manufacture, distribute, and retail dark chocolate inspired creations as our core business. Our product line is very fluid and seasonal, but usually contains fudges, truffles, toffees, nuts, artisan chocolates, and basically anything else our chef decides to improve by introducing it to cacao.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate traces its roots to a dive bar just south of downtown Dallas, Lee Harvey’s, where co-founders Chef Katherine Clapner and Redding May (CFO) were regulars. Good times and good ideas brought forth a celebration of chocolate, from savory...

Yoga Food for Yoga People! Vegan and mostly gluten-free. Prepared meals, cooking classes and catering available.

Kitchari is a vegetarian stew favored by yogis for centuries to help detox their system, support digestion, and provide a sattvic (peaceful) mind to lead into deeper meditation. Made with ginger, turmeric and other spices according to your tastes and needs, this is FOOD AS MEDICINE and made with love and devotion.


  • Kitchari - classic bean + rice + veggies
  • Muffins & cookies
  • Chapatis (flatbread)
  • Wide variety of...

Steeped in the ancient science and philosophy of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, and Vedanta we seek to understand ourselves and the universe around us, and move with more clarity and purpose with every thought, word and action.

  • Yoga calms the mind, allowing us to connect with our highest self.
  • Ayurveda gives us the guidelines for healthy body, mind and soul.
  • Tantra cultivates and refines the power and protection to thrive.
  • Vedanta keeps it all in check, and reminds us that we're One.

Whether you're beginning, sustaining or transforming your...

Satya Yoga Dallas draws its roots from the authentic yoga practices in India for thousands of years. The Satya Yoga Program conducts Yoga certifications in the Dallas, Mexico and India.

We pride ourselves in being one of the authentic yoga teacher training schools in the United States that offers an in depth understanding of the deeper dimensions of the Science of Yoga and philosophy of yoga which include a study of the governing principles of yoga as taught in the Bhagwad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras and The Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

It offers an in depth understanding of the...

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School since 2008, offering in-depth yoga studies, 200 hour RYT courses, 300 hour CYT courses, Prenatal Yoga CYT courses, continuing education, private sessions, and weekly yoga classes.

Shanon's teachings are influenced by the Tantric tradition of Sri Vidya and the lineage of Sri Swami Rama. She is an initiate and teacher in the tradition of the Himalayan masters and ParaYoga. She aims to bring an authentic experience of the yoga tradition to each class as well as to everyday life. She is one of the few teachers transmitting an authentic, living...

WAAS is a studio collective designed to support the exemplary artists who create to communicate social and environmental needs, connect their communities with global perspectives, and lead the conversation in healing and health. 

Curated through the lens of transformation, WAAS is furthering its identity as Women Are All Stars: a home to healing women artists redefining their identities, collectively growing from past experiences, and learning how to co-create. Like Founder Brandy Michele Adams, who is personally dedicated to self-sustainment, WAAS  is exploring the Art of Wellbeing...