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North Dallas' only International Association of Yoga Therapist member school and Yoga Alliance registered 200 hour & Children's Yoga Teacher Training facility with a Chopra University Instructor offering therapies and classes to the public.

We offer Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Native American Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Healing Touch w/Kabbalistic practices, Healing Stones & Beads, Women's Writing Groups, Mala Making Classes, Chopra Center Workplace Wellness Programs, and Teacher Trainings and Continuing Education for Massage Therapist and Yoga...

Our program is based on authentic yoga practices of India. Combining these ancient practices with modern teaching techniques, we provide you with a solid foundation for your personal and professional practice of Yoga.
We offer 200 and 300 hour programs that also includes Ayurveda the sister science of Yoga. Our pricing structure makes this training even more accessible to more Yoga students that want to become Yoga teacher or those who want to deepen their practice. The training program provides future teachers with the skills they need to successfully share the practice yoga with...

We’re not your typical yoga studio. And we don’t exercise, we train. We train for life. Life is always changing, so we don’t rely on one modality to prepare us for life. That would be like eating only spinach everyday, sure it’s good for you but variety is what we are designed to do as well as eat. Our newly expanded studio gives us a perfect opportunity (and space!) to bring you a variety of ways to train your body and your mind. Training has a purpose, is a journey, is exciting and fun! Don’t worry; we are very sensitive to everyone’s level of fitness, injuries, even your openness to...

A center for meditation, yoga, and spiritual upliftment, Ananda Dallas offers weekly group meditations, hatha yoga classes, Sunday worship services, workshops, and special family-oriented events and gatherings.

Our weekly gentle Yoga classes are held Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:15 - 7:15 PM. Drop-in classes are $10 each; monthly pass available.

We offer free group meditation following yoga at 7:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at 12:15 on Fridays.

We also offer learn to meditate classes and intensives every month.

We warmly invite you to visit Ananda...

Looking for a place to hold your retreat? The Ancient Yoga Center provides a unique gathering place for your residential program. It is the perfect facility for Yoga & Meditation Retreats, Teacher Trainings and Workshops. Our staff is dedicated to managing the details, so you can focus on giving the best program possible.

We are located at Radha Madhav Dham Ashram. Established in 1990 and open to people of all faiths, it is a center for spiritual upliftment. Situated on 200 acres, the setting is beautiful and serene.

Our facilities are available for groups from 15 to 150...

The Arlington yoga center is a Dharma Mittra Center. We offer very beginner classes to very advanced practices. We have five Dharma Mittra teachers on schedule who study regularly with Dharma Mittra and have completed the Life of a Yogi program. We have been serving the Dallas Ft Worth area for over 12 years. We also offer Monthly day retreats or workshops.

The Arlington Yoga Center is the Dharma Mittra Center For Texas and has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area for ten years. The owner Marinda Hollar has studied and worked in health and wellness for 25 years. She is a RYT 500 hour teacher and has studied with many well known yoga teachers. The last 2 years she has had the privilege to study and certify with the legendary Dharma Mittra. We now have three additional certified Dharma teachers Lynn Maculuso, Carter Twitty, and Ariel Nessel. As Dharma Mittra teachers we can draw on the 50 years experience of Dharma. We have classes for all...

Live with Joy, Purpose and Confidence:

Within you lies vast, untapped possibilities waiting to be discovered. Through the Art of Living Course this potential is set free and you gain a greater vision of who you are. You find you have the power to create a joyous life that is on-purpose, the confidence to stretch and grow beyond limiting beliefs, and the ability to lead a deeply fulfilling life.

AOLF offers numerous highly effective educational and self-development programs and tools that facilitate the elimination of stress and foster deep and profound inner peace, happiness...

Performance. Art. Sanctuary. Arts Mission Oak Cliff is an artist coworking and educational center, focused on disciplined performing arts and our community.

We strive to inspire local artists so they can invest in themselves and their creative potential. Check out our schedule of events!

We are dedicated to sharing yoga with as many people as possible! Ashtanga Yoga Studio is a multidisciplinary studio focusing on Ashtanga Yoga. We have experienced teachers with strong personal practices teaching all levels of Yoga, from Intro to Advanced. Our classes include all levels of Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Hot Vinyasa Flow.

With three beautiful locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix, At One Yoga integrates fashion, music, and technology to present a modern approach to the 5,000 year old practice of yoga. We offer over 100 classes per week, workshops with internationally recognized yoga instructors, and a dynamic shopping experience in our one-of-a-kind yoga boutique.

Yoga * Massage * Meditation * Kirtan * Ayurveda

At the Atma Bhakti Yoga Center, our goal is to provide a nurturing environment to begin the journey of discovering what is already inside each of us. We aim to foster a community that nourishes our natural inclination to unite the body, mind and soul.

Connect to the body through hatha yoga from various traditions, massage therapy and other bodywork, as well as Ayurvedic cooking and nutrition.

Stimulate the mind by exploring the ancient knowledge found in the Bhagavad Gita and other texts in the bhakti yoga tradition....

Our approach to Power Yoga is based on the teachings of Baron Baptiste’s Power Vinyasa Yoga. This practice is designed for every person — every body. The unique combination of dynamic breathing and strong flowing movement is the perfect recipe for a high-energy workout with obvious physical results. It is the subtleties, however, of this practice: mental clarity, self-awareness and spiritual connection, that will bring you back to your mat — back to AYL — time and time again. BECOME your authentic self – CONNECT with your authentic power — DISCOVER your new way of being. WELCOME!

Hot Power Vinyasa in the heart of Denton, Texas!

It is our privilege to empower and inspire students to become their authentic selves through power yoga and personal growth programs. Our approach to power yoga is based on the teachings of Baron Baptiste's Power Vinyasa Yoga. This practice is designed for every person and every body.

Here's what people are saying:
"I’ve been to only a few yoga studios here in Denton, but this one has already claimed a special place in my heart - if you’re looking to improve your health and overall wellbeing, Authentic Yoga Life is...

Balance Your Body Yoga offers Teacher Training, Classes, Workshops and Retreats. BYB Yoga offers students world class teacher training with an exciting selection of comprehensive and professional programs. From the recuperative level to the advanced level, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to become an exceptional instructor, able to work in any environment you choose.

BYB Yoga is based in Houston, TX with training in the US and Europe. Faculty includes Amy Garratt (Foundation Yoga), Julie Byrd (Recuperative Yoga), Robert Boustany (Pralaya Yoga) and...

BalancingEnergy Health & Yoga Center; offering Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Core Strengthening and Stretch & Restore classes for all fitness levels, Nutritional Programs, and Far Infrared Sauna.

Our mission is to serve the community, by providing a place to renew, restore and discover, by providing a variety of holistic services to support and encourage optimal health and well-being. Bring balance into your life today.

In today’s busy world, it takes a little extra attention to stay healthy and happy from day to day.Our full-service Bungalow offers small group yoga, private yoga classes, therapeutic massage as well as a full integrative healing offering that includes, cranial sacral sessions, breathwork, energy work (Reiki and Hands of Light Healing), and sound healing. We have diverse and experienced staff to help you bring more peace, easy and joy into your daily life.

Bikram Yoga Dallas is the first and largest Bikram Yoga yoga studio in Dallas (the original "Hot Yoga"). Bikram Yoga is a fun, challenging and invigorating 90 minute work out for all levels, designed to improve your physical strength, balance and flexibility. The series features two breathing exercises and 26 hatha yoga postures, practiced in a heated room. Our Bikram Certified teachers will encourage and inspire you to do your best. Through regular practice, you'll discover the true meaning of yoga - the union of mind, body, spirit. Start your journey today!

The BKS Iyengar Yoga Studio of Dallas is the only Iyengar Yoga school in Dallas dedicated to the teachings of BKS Iyengar. In order to teach at this school of yoga our instructors must be certified in the Iyengar Method, are tested regularly and are required to continue to move forward in the certification process set out by the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States.

What does this mean for you? You will experience the safest and most methodical approach to yoga with the most skilled teachers in Dallas. You will first learn the basics, from there you will move...

Body Synergie is a premier local, independently owned studio with an emphasis on bringing the body into balance through various methods including classes: a variety of Yoga styles and Tai Chi, bodywork: Rolfing and Craniosacral Therapy, and Health Counseling.

We tailor our classes to those that are new to yoga and are looking to achieve health and wellness. You'll be taught how to do the postures correctly for your body in order to prevent injury and receive the most benefits. The studio's environment will also help you achieve health and wellnes: the temperature is set around 75...

More and more people are adding some kind of meditation to their daily routine as an effective antidote to stress, or simply as a method of relaxation.
Meditation helps you to rediscover, enjoy and use, in a practical way, the positive qualities already latent within you.

Learn to Meditate:
For Peace of Mind & Inner Strength
To make your mind your best friend
To Lead a Stress-Free Life
To Develop Positive values
To be free from negative emotions like
Anger, Worries & Fear etc.

Classes, workshops, talks etc. are all...

Brick House Yoga maintains a Triple-A rating by providing yoga classes that are Approachable, Accessible and Affordable. All the benefits of yoga are available to you in an environment that is free from competition, intimidation, elitism and mysticism.

At our House, you're always welcome!

Our teachers set a brisk pace towards beautiful vistas with yoga intervals suitable for all levels. Our 90-minute yoga hikes stretch, strengthen and re-focus you on the trail. The perk is the social aspect.Bring some friends and have brunch afterward. Explore areas in Dallas that you may have never experienced before. Integrate a body, nature and spirit practice in the beautiful parks and trails along the Dallas Katy Trail. Approximately three mile yoga hike with a few yoga stops along the way!

We are a functional medicine center of whole life health that has a yoga studio attached to truly promote health at multiple levels. We have two separate offerings here at Carpathia Collaborative: 1.) DYC Therapeutic Yoga and 2.) Mind-Body Wellness Classes.

We are happy to announce our collaboration with the Dallas Yoga Center (DYC) to bring high-quality Therapeutic Yoga to the Dallas community. Together, our vision is to be at the forefront of demonstrating how yoga can serve as an authentic and effective adjunct wellness therapy and inspiring people to live more mindful &...