Teacher Spotlight

Benjamin believes that to teach yoga is to extend physical empathy beyond one’s own body and now travels the world inspired to help students practice yoga in healing way. His therapeutic teaching style helps real people live better through yoga. Benjamin’s ability to connect the poses to your body and the practice to your life in a practical and poetic way empowers students to appreciate the present and develop an action plan to progress. He recognizes that the students do their own work and hopes to help them stay safe and enjoy the process. 

Benjamin Sears’ signature practice, Sacred Geometry Yoga, transcends any one style of yoga by empowering students with universal measures and self-mapping techniques.

Ronit Mor, ND, is a Naturopath and a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. She is the founder of Mor Wellness Concepts and My Wellbeing Compass. Her greatest passion is educating, empowering and inspiring people on their path to regaining optimal vitality and wellbeing. She is an author, regularly contributes articles to different publications, and is a local and an international speaker.

Ashlee discovered yoga when her first “real” job drove her to seek relief from being desk-bound. Her first class was an Ashtanga class, and she knew she had found home.

I teach yoga because I want to make everyday a source of healing. It is my love and my passion.

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Yoga, meditation and wellness since 1989.

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