The Spiritual Side of the Corona Virus

Guest Blog By Dr. Kac Young, Ph.D.



These are the times you have been waiting for. These are the times when you show your true colors; when you show up and become who you believe you are.

We can no longer sit along the sidelines and talk about what’s on our minds; we are being called to become who we are meant to be. Will you be the person who is impulsive and jumps in before weighing all sides? Will you be the rebel defying what the experts are advising? Will you take risks that may endanger your community? Or will you take calculated leaps of faith and use caution to help out where you can? Will you hoard? Will you share? Will you frown or will you smile? These are the questions that are here, now, and present in each moment.

We have arrived at a crossroads between life and death whether we wanted it or not. Deep down inside we all know it, we feel it, and we are united as one family in the face of this peril. Overnight, we were commonized because Covid-19 does not discriminate: it is blind to race, color, creed, wealth, age, or sex. It is the great leveler.

The Awakening

Plagues are not new, they have been around for millennia but this one is showing us how small our world has become. One sneeze halfway around the world can kill a family member in your home town. Human beings carry and spread it.

If we ask, “Why did this happen to us, now?” The truth is, we have been primed for this crisis for decades. This is the awakening humankind has anticipated and possibly feared. Call it what you will: The Dawning of AquariusThe Second ComingThe Apocolypse… it doesn’t matter what you name it, or how your religious beliefs define it, it is here right under your feet and tweaking at your nose.

Some people are meeting the challenges with a sense of service, some are in denial; others are wishing it away. But those of you who are brave enough to see it for what it is will allow the mystical experience to happen inside of you. A mystical experience is when you know something and it wakes up inside of you and you accept the call to become who you truly are.  It is the awakening of your authentic self and when you follow that awakening with action, it defines you and your life.

In one brief moment of enlightenment, you become more connected to your purpose and your spirituality than ever before.

Your authentic self rises up to meet the challenge and you make your imprint on the world. Size and scope no longer have importance, only being your authentic self does.

Pretense fades away in the harshness of the morning light. Illumination emanates from within you and shines from the inside out. You have become a light bearer of inspiration and possibility.

What Will You Choose?

You have choices to make. You have inner work to do. You have everything at your disposal, every power around you that will assist you in your mystical adventure.

How will you allow it to change you for the good? How will you ride out the storm and come into what could be your finest hour? What will it look like, and when are you willing to begin?

Here are some things you can do to help while you are respecting the health and well being of our nation.  Everyone can: 

Meet the Author

Dr. Kac Young, Ph.D., has been a returning guest on my radio show, Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit, for years now, and is a dear friend of mine. She holds doctorate degrees in clinical hypnotherapy, natural healing, and naturopathic medicine. She completed 36 courses in nutrition from Baylor University and has been a producer, writer, and director in the Hollywood television industry for over 25 years.

Clients come to her for advice on health, nutrition, and spiritual well-being. She helps people who want to change their lifestyle and prolong their lives, helping them with weight loss, smoking cessation, addictions, physical conditions, stress reduction, past-life regression, chronic pain, and phobia management. She also has a monthly podcast on the Surn Spiritual Network called The Art of Healing sponsored by The Elysium Project. She is the author of 20 books, and her latest one is Essential Oils for Beginners. Learn more about Kac by visiting her website:


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