Living Yoga Dallas is a community of teachers, practitioners, counselors, coaches, chefs, artists and dreamers.

Our mission is to host and highlight exceptional yoga and wellness programs, and ensure these services are available to everyone in the community and beyond.

Inspired by master yoga studies in Mexico, Living Yoga Dallas was founded in 2002 by Kendall Inman. In 2009 the website was developed to provide a consolidated view of yoga, ayurveda and wellness practices in our community. became the original ‘one stop shop’ to find events, studios, and teachers. Over the years it has expanded to include all other wellness partners who support the practice and healthier living to help the beginner get started, and the seasoned practitioner evolve.

Living Yoga Dallas was acquired in 2015 by Kirsten Joy Burch to enhance the experience of finding the ‘right’ yoga for each and every one of us. She seeks to lead others to find the inspiration, tools and teachings that promote more joy, improved health, and a life free from suffering.

Now entering its 15th year of business, LYD has hosted close to 100 events, bringing many of the world's finest, most inspiring yoga teachers to Dallas, touching the hearts and minds of thousands.  Living Yoga Dallas is the largest resource not only for local yogis, but also for those from around the world who have come to Dallas to attend amazing and fulfilling events.

We’re grateful to provide a forum where all yoga studios, teachers, schools, health and wellness facilities, merchandise vendors, and yoga retreat venues can come together with yoga & wellness enthusiasts to share their services and events to the entire thriving Dallas/Fort Worth yoga community and beyond.

We look forward to helping you reach those who need you, and empowering everyone to be their most kind and luminous self.