How to make the most out of Stay at home

Dear  Universal Family,

 I know that many of us have recently transitioned to working from home in the past few weeks. Working from home may sound great. We can sleep in, wear whatever we like, and make ourselves a homecooked meal. But I feel, working from home is tough because there can be so many distractions, very hard to create boundaries, and it's easy to get stressed without social interaction.

But there are many ways to make the most out of #stayathome - 

Have a morning routine. We all had our routine before pandemic days. The majority of us did at least a few of these things daily: shower, do hair, sip a cup of tea/coffee, breakfast, and commute into work. Such morning routine, even when we are working from home, could be crucial to our productivity. 

Have a dedicated workspace if you have a separate office room, great. If not, create a space in your home that can be a dedicated workspace. It might be your dining table, a corner of your breakfast nook, anywhere! Though I have a home office, I sit around the dining table with my girls for our work time, which I love the most these days.

Take a proper lunch break - Whenever possible, try not to eat your lunch in front of the computer. Take your lunch break and shift your attention to the food. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best at this one, especially when I am working from home, but taking a proper lunch break is not only good for your physical health but also good for your mental health. In Ayurveda, we say that when you eat with concentration, you will eat mindfully, which will also help prevent overeating.

Plan out your meals. When I plan my day and snacks, I'm more productive and less likely to skip meals or raid the pantry when hunger hits. Know that eating home-cooked food is infinitely healthier than counting calories. Eat wholesome food and know that now is the time to revive your relationship with your kitchen. 

 Time - Don't complain about it when you have it. Use this time to cultivate a habit that will last. Do yoga and exercise daily, and over the next three weeks, make it an integral part of your life. Something that will stay with you even when you will have 'no time to exercise. Also, get outside. I try to get out once a day, no matter even if it's just a short walk around the block. Fresh air and a little sunlight work as a magic for mental health and productivity.

Learn - Something which will stand the test of time. I give you a healthy cooking challenge. I can sing glories of healthy cooking - benefits, therapeutic effects, calories, etc., but now you learn how to cook at least one meal from scratch daily.

Discipline - Nothing gets done without boundaries. Self regulates your TV/social media time and reads a book instead. Nothing comes close to reading. "Keep the boundaries," It is time to remember. Let's all remember the compassion, Remember the human life, Remember the clear sky, Remember the waves, Remember the breath, Remember that we are alive, Remember we are a connection to everything in this universe.

  This time is our time as a community to continue. Continue to learn, grow, heal, and share. Let us share in the new, novel, and unprecedented ways compassion, unity, and devotion to our highest selves, community, and the mother earth.

 Wishing you health, hope, and peace


Meenakshi Gupta BAMS, MD(AYU), Gold medalist