Gratitude for Well-Being

Everything is made up of energy and the energy that we put out into the world affects us and everyone else. Dr. Masaru Emoto proved this concept when he showed how our words actually change the molecular structure of water even when you just write the word on a piece of paper and place it on top of the water. Words like “love” and “gratitude” create beautiful shapes that look like snowflakes, whereas words, like “you fool” create ugly shapes. Since our bodies are made up mostly of water, the words we use affect our health.

Deepak Chopra quotes a study where people who merely walked through a busy lobby where someone had been angry, had an increased likelihood of getting sick in the next few days, even if they didn’t know about the incident. The negative energy was still in the air and people absorbed it as they walked through the space. Imagine what that means to your health when you are exposed on a daily basis to the verbal violence being expressed by someone in your home or the on-going conflict and tragedy in the news. Now imagine the positive impact on your health when you feel and express gratitude.

Patience is Key

Patience is tied to gratitude. Most of us want everything right now, but it doesn’t happen that way. As one client said: “Thank you for teaching me that change is a process, not an event.” That means any kind of change, from healing the pain of our past to bringing in the blessings and joys we want. I encourage my clients to focus on the small changes because they lead to the big changes. It’s important to take the long view, remembering where you started, how much you’ve grown, as well as where you want to be. As you learn to focus on gratitude for every victory, even the small ones, they will grow until one day you won’t have to work at being grateful. It will be natural to always focus on gratitude for what you have as opposed to disappointment for what you don’t have.

Look for the Blessings of Knowledge, Wisdom and Growth

As you begin to change the way you look at life, everything changes. If you think of every challenge as an opportunity for growth, you will open new doors to life. You can even keep a gratitude journal. It’s easy to be grateful when you get something you want. It’s harder when adversity strikes or you fall short of your intended goal. How then can you shift your perspective to gratitude? You can do so by expanding your concept of gratitude to include the blessings of knowledge, wisdom and growth. For instance when writing in your gratitude journal, add how you grew in compassion, love, tolerance or patience today; how you responded to adversity with more peace than previously; and/or what you learned that will help you achieve your goal. Teach yourself to focus on all the good in your life and the good will increase. This shift in perspective will change your life because as you change how you think about your experiences, you change your past, present and future.

Accept what is with gratitude, expect good things, and life will be a magical adventure.

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