Fellowship: Growing Community

I'm fairly confident that fellowship has been the driving force around much of what I've done in the world. My dear and sweet friend just loves it when I say fellowship.  You can see her eyes light up when I suggest we get together for a little fellowship.

When I googled the definition of fellowship the first thing that popped up was  “a friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests”. The free dictionary on line says “The condition of sharing similar interests, ideals, or experiences, as by reason of profession, religion, or nationality".

I'm a firm believer that we were never designed to navigate through this world without each other and without a sense of belonging to others. We were not meant to be without fellowship and a place that we can share with one another those things that we are passionate about.  When I created Living Yoga Dallas its mission statement was to enhance and expand the practice of yoga for the community , but what it didn't really say was how I intended to do that.  I used to say that I would work towards this mission statement by bringing in the world's finest yoga masters to inspire us and to teach us and that is what Living Yoga Dallas has done.  But we also created an association where we share common interests.  And that my friends is fellowship.  I feel total delight when we have an event going on and people arrive early to connect with each other or stay and have a picnic during lunch to spend more time together or venture out to find the best vegetarian restaurant on the break.  Signing up to spend a weekend learning with a fabulous yoga teacher is what brought us together but what we are ultimately doing is pure and simply fellowship.  I was interviewed once and they asked me how I built community. They asked me what I would suggest as the best way to do this. I thought of all the crazy silly things I have done to get people to sign up for Living Yoga Dallas’ event just short of stalking... well maybe a little stalking too…but please forgive me, it was all for the greater good! If I was to answer that question again today I would say fellowship.  I think that it is fellowship that builds community.  We need fellowship to grow a community.  We need to bring people together who share a common interest and that is where we create this deeper connection. And ultimately that is how we grow a community.  There are strength in numbers and support in community.  Search out places where you can learn about things your are passionate about and you will grow and find the company of others who share your same passions.