I Want More

Meditation is addictive. I crave meditation. Meditation soothes, relaxes, and promotes emotional health. Search for benefits of meditation online and there are countless articles – 12 Science-based Benefits of Meditation, 76 Benefits of Meditation, 14 Benefits that Rewire Your Brain for Happiness,… When I started meditating, I had no idea that it would make me healthier, happier, calmer, and allow me to move through my days with greater ease. I started meditating because I got interested in Buddhism. I attended a class at a local temple and the monk who lead the meditation each week told us to watch the air moving in and out of our bellies. I sat, I focused and wondered what I was doing. Was I doing it right? What was supposed to happen? I knew so little I couldn’t formulate questions. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. But I sat and waited for something to happen. I attended other classes. I discovered a world of meditation. I read books and watched YouTube videos about meditation. Ten years since I first went to the temple, meditation is a necessary part of my life.

Start with three minutes – know that you can do anything for three minutes. Sit and do nothing except breath.  Take a 3-minute break at work and breathe. Take three minutes in the morning while the water boils and breathe. It starts with three minutes and expands. Soon you’ll want more.

Mindfulness. Practice daily. Breathe in, breathe out, again, and again, and again.
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