Intentions are more powerful than Stress

They say that there are a few events in Life that are top stressors.
In the last 12 months I've faced most of them! 

But ~ I've never been more content.
Tired right now, yes! But content. 
Intentions have guided this eventful year.

Family wise in the past 12 months,
I got married (Eloped with our 4 children in tow)
Said goodbye to Birdie, my sweet 14 year old four-legged fur baby
Sold a car/Bought a car
Moved our “stuff” into storage, moved the family to Venice Beach, CA for the Summer
Road tripped across the USA back home
Helped care for my ailing Mother in Law
Moved twice
Started all 4 kids in brand new schools
Emotionally supported my husband with his new job
Continued celebrating my kids and their extra-curricular activities

Professionally, with my company Imagine Yoga, I have:
Taught 12 Yoga Workshops
Worked at 2 Yoga Conferences
Presented as a featured teacher at a Yoga Festival
Taught in 4 Community Yoga Classes
Organized book signings, flew in author for book tour in Dallas
Hosted 6 weeks of Desire Map Danielle LaPorte book club
Did 20 hours of continuing education for STRIPES Certified Kids Yoga Therapist
Participated in 3 Yoga Workshops as a student
Appeared in Origin Magazine
Published 3 articles in online magazine, Rebelle Society
Started a dream job as a yoga teacher/mentor at a private junior high/high school

Adventurously this year, I've traveled to:
Oregon, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Austin, Houston, Ft. Myers Beach Florida, San Diego,
Las Vegas, Los Angeles, drove from LA to the Grand Canyon then back to Dallas.
Also, went to 2 concerts (Portugal. TheMan+ GroupLove & Jason Mraz)

Physically in the past 12 months,
I've fought the Flu for 10 days,
underwent/recovered from a Hysterectomy,
mourned the suicide of a dear friend of 23 years (this broke my heart).

No wonder I'm tired!
Yes, but ALL of this, has been done with intentions.
(Note the eVision Board I created for myself at the beginning of the year)
Every single thing I've planned...
every single thing unplanned that I've endured...
every single thing I've celebrated...
has come with an intention behind it. 

Sometimes, my intention has been to "flow," "stay curious" or "be love."
For the unplanned stressors, it was usually a quiet moment during the process where I'd get centered and say, "just breathe."

Most of this has happened because my intention has been, "Yes."
Intentions are powerful.
I am content.
I am tired, but content.

Now, I rest in humble gratitude.
With a glass of red wine.
And deep breaths.
Looking toward the next season in my life.

Winter is a time to get still, dig deep and perhaps let perish what no longer serves me and my family.
I’m easing my way toward the next intention.
Instead of Yes… I think it will be softer, more gentle: Ease, Allow, Be.
On the Winter Solstice I will choose.

I invite you to take a moment.
Sit in silence and reflect with me a moment.
Are you living in alignment with your Life's Intentions?
Want to learn how?

I invite you to move into the next season of your life ~
perhaps find your contentment among your inevitable life stressors!
Let your intention lead the way.