la interview: tracee stanley - yogini & film producer

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Tracee Stanley teaches a breath-centered vinyasa practice, curated to leave you in a sattvic state (AKA “blissed out”). In true LA fashion, she moonlights as a film producer, and now combines her two passions by being partner in the yoga media company, Pranamaya. 

What makes your style of teaching unique?
>>My teaching style is drawn from the lineage of Sri Vidya and Para Yoga. It is a breath-centered Tantric Vinyasa practice that incorporates Mantra, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudra, Sankalpa (Intention) and Yoga Nidra. My classes are sequenced to leave you in a sattvic state, increase willpower and reduce internal resistances to you being joyful and free.

What's the most frequently asked question you get being a yoga teacher?
>>"Why don’t you play music in your class?" The reason I don’t play music is because, I see the practice as a way for us to dive deeply within ourselves, to practice self-study, to release what is holding us back, whether it is known or unknown to us. In those moments of deep stillness we can have amazing insights. For a lot of people their minds are already very busy and music can be a distraction. I like to remove the distraction and invite students to tune into their internal rhythm by focusing on their breath. For many of my students it creates a deeper experience in their practice.

What's the strangest thing a student of yours did, said or wore in your class?
>>I try not to judge my students or their experiences in class. I find that each student also has something to teach me or remind me of in my own life and journey.

What's the most yogically incorrect, or stereotypical thing you do as a yoga teacher?
I don’t know how far on the yogically incorrect scale it is, but I love Breaking Bad and Scandal.

Which profession would your alter ego choose and why?
I am lucky enough to be able to have two careers that I love. In addition to teaching yoga I am also a film producer having produced over 40 films. In the last year, I have been able to successfully marry those two careers by creating, producing and publishing yoga media.

Who or what inspires your practice and your teaching?
I am in awe of the enduring power that the ancient methodologies of yoga science have to cure our modern day problems. My daily inspiration comes from my morning meditation. It’s where I take time to thank my teachers and the lineage from where these teachings come; it’s where I become still. I am inspired by my teachers Yogarupa Rod Stryker who I have been studying yoga and meditation with for over 12 years. And also my mentor Marianne Williamson, who truly taught me how to hold sacred space for others to heal. My students inspire me everyday when I see how excited they are to learn about and experience the true promise of yoga.

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