Let's Think Differently about the New Year!

I will save you the mumbo jumbo about New Years Resolutions.

On New Years Day, I looked in the mirror, 1 newborn baby, 2 bloody-marys and 3 football bowl games deep into the day...and thought:

“My wife is the one breastfeeding but my manboobs might just do the trick!”

“These moose-knuckle-high-waisted-dad-jeans are not going to further my image.”

“Dave! Yoga Journal is on the phone. They want you for their new cover,” said no one...ever!

Yeah, I got a little down on myself. It happens!

Maybe you can relate to already feeling weighed down by the burden of your new years resolutions to lose weight, work harder, do better.

And that is why, I invite you to think differently about 2015.

Instead of spending so much time TRYING to be skinner, more successful, more attentive, more toned, more this and more that...


Try this instead.


Let Go.

Enjoy Life Now!

Find a way to relieve the pressure, be more compassionate to yourself, take more time each day to enjoy life...