Meditation Monday

Take three minutes and consider Monday! Monday is the perfect day to begin again! The ideal day to meditate just a little longer! The best day to expand your practice into a new way of being! Come, sit, relax, breathe in peace, breathe out love. Be still. Feel the energy – the energy that your breath generates – breathe in peace, breathe out love! The alchemy of your heart converts the prana to the energy of love. Fill the room with love.

Breathing in, breathing out. Thoughts flowing by without notice, to-dos fall away as you practice being – being still, being at peace, being calm, being love. Sit, relax, and rest in the ever-present now. You are the love that the world needs now! You are the peace that the world needs now! Be love. Be peace.

Breathing in, breathing out. Go inside. You are waiting there – for attention, for self-care, for grace, for love. What are you thinking? Grab that thought and send it spiraling down your spine to the red pulsing light of the root chakra. Watch as the energy of the thought goes to ground and dissolves. Breathing in, breathing out. Let the thoughts come, and spin them away, releasing their energy as you become grounded, safe, stable, and secure. The breathing slows, the thinking slows, and peace settles around your heart. Your mind quiets, your body is at rest. Go inside and be!

Mindfulness. Practice daily. Mindfully.
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