Meditation Monday - Take Three

Take three minutes and come back to yourself. Take three minutes and remember who you are and who you want to be. Take three minutes and assess the moment – You are right where you need to be in this moment. No matter the decisions that need to be made, the changes that need to be implemented, the conversations that need to be had – right here, right now, you are here.

Take three minutes and breathe deeply. Feel your lungs swell, feel your chest rise. Rejoice in your human form. Take your attention to the top of your head – Imagine breathing out through the top of your head – your life force moving upward and outward – connecting you to all of creation.

Take three minutes and check in with your body. Shut your eyes and listen. Notice your ears and all they do. Notice your shoulder blades and draw them closer together. Watch your heart space open in response. Notice those parts of your body that you haven’t considered in weeks – the lower tip of your sacrum, the bulge of your seventh cervical vertebra, the little toe on your left foot, your belly button. Take your awareness into these body parts and thank them for the role they play in your body.

Take three minutes and be – be calm, be grateful, be you.

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