The Sacredness of Daily Practice

We were all born yogis, we just forgot who we are.

As we grow up into being active, goal oriented, professional and responsible adults, most of us tend to lose our connection and the doorway to our innate essence and nature. We go through life experiences, some more unpleasant and hurtful than others, and we progressively develop layers (conscious and unconscious) or scars of protection around our Spiritual Heart, which seems to 'disappear' deep into a dark cave inside of us… until we miss that part of ourselves. We progressively or suddenly feel fragmented, without direction or empty, lost without a life purpose, and there is the opportunity to start listening again to its song! But how?

Yoga in its most essential meaning is being whole: body, mind and Heart are one, and all connected to the Universe as a sparkle of the macrocosmos, a seed of Divinity humanly embodied.

The concept may sound beautiful, inspiring, poetic, though far away from what we perceive as our world reality and fast paced daily life.

It takes one step, one moment, one breath, one feeling at a time, to set some strong anchors in your life and tap into who you are one day at a time: daily practice is truly sacred.

It does not require to sit still in a perfect lotus position for an hour long meditation, it does not involve mastering a handstand, it does not take you away for a full month retreat in a secluded ashram, it's not even about an hour of asana practice on your mat.

It simply starts by making space for yourself, taking a daily appointment with YOU, and finding the right tools and/or modalities to play with and infuse your life with a sense of wellbeing as you come to meet you… every day in any way.

It can be cooking paying full attention to the colors, shapes, smells, being fully present and connected to the experience; dedicating 15 minutes upon rise to insightful reading as you sip on hot lemon water; opening the body through stretching, breathing and twisting for a few minutes; scraping your tongue to get rid of ama (undigested foods); nurturing your body with self-massage; sharing a special moment with a dear friend; watching a beautiful sunset; walking barefoot on your front yard grass; stopping and disconnecting from your electronic devices; planting new seeds in your garden; making love with your partner… What feels good to you, and makes you feel alive and connected to your surroundings, to the people you love, to a project, to a cause? When do you feel aligned and in harmony with yourself and the calling of your Heart, even if it's a one second experience? Any drop has already the potential of becoming an ocean, every ripple may grow into a wave of wellbeing; it just takes a little bit of daily bliss that adds up!

What is your unique recipe(s)? Question, explore, seek, try and play, adopt or let go, there are so many doorways, so many roads to the same place: who you truly are.