What Does Your Coffee Taste Like?

Is Starbucks a frequent stop for you? Do you grab a cup on your way out of the house every morning? Do you have another cup when you get to work? Another as you head for a meeting?  What does your coffee taste like? How long has it been since you sat with a cup of coffee and enjoyed it with all your senses?

Have a mindful cup of coffee. Take your cup to a table. Sit down and hold the cup between your hands and feel its warmth. Imagine the warmth traveling up your arms to soothe and relax. Lift the cup and press it gently against your cheek. While the cup is near your face, use your nose – breathe deep – feel the warmth enter your nose along with the exquisite aroma. Shut your eyes and enjoy the experience. Set the cup on the table and examine the contents of the cup. What color is the coffee? Have you turned it milky with cream? Is it black and sharp? Is it cool enough to drink?

Take a big sip. Roll it around your mouth like a fine wine. Did you add just the right amount of sugar? Is the bitterness to your liking? As you swallow, can you follow its path to your stomach?

Can you treat your coffee sensually? Can you bring all your senses to bear? How long has it been since you tasted your coffee?

                                                   Mindfulness. Practice daily. Mindfully celebrate your life.

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