Where are Your Roots?

A storm with high winds moved through my neighborhood last night. This morning, there are trees lying across the streets and on top of cars and houses. We were blessed, with no damage to our house. Then this morning, while walking the dogs, my imagination was captured by the downed trees that have an exposed root ball. The entire tree toppled. Those roots should have held the tree in place, I thought. Was there something wrong with those roots? Were the roots not deep enough to hold the tree in place? Had their roots become shallow and tenuous? Why were they not well-enough grounded to survive the storm?

How could a tree, something to climb, provide shade, and stand in place for years, tip over? Those trees tipped out of the ground, roots and all. They had roots, but the roots didn’t provide the foundation that the tree needed to survive the storm. Those trees with their root balls in the air remind me of the person who has thousands of friends and followers between Twitter and Facebook but has no one to call when the nights get long and dark. Without true support, those people may topple when the going gets rough. Those trees reminded me of the people who have moved to Dallas for new opportunities but instead of embracing a new place with a new culture, continue to cling to their previous place of residence and long for the way things are “done back there.” They aren’t putting down roots because they are focused on the differences instead of the commonalities.

How are your roots? Are you well-grounded, with a foundation that won’t let you topple? Set an intention this week to ground a little deeper. Make a new friend. Call an old one. Say hello to your neighbor. Reach out. Get grounded. Stand strong. And breathe.

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