Thanksgiving Saturday Yogi Style - Top 10

Having 2 days off in a row is considered a weekend in my muggle mind, so last night as I prepared for bed, I readied myself for the ‘work week’ ahead…except tomorrow was Thanksgiving Saturday! The bonus weekend was about to begin so my yogi mind took over - the message was clear - selfcare time was mandatory.

You, too? Then let's try this:

  1. Additional meditation and pranayama time
  2. Candle-lit abhyangha (oil massage) with a playlist dedicated to self-appreciation
  3. A longer than usual bath, foot scrub and pedicure (foot care is important!)
  4. Kitchari to support digestion and holiday detox
  5. Study, self-reflection, journaling, reading old journals
  6. A slow, long twist practice
  7. Yoga Nidra (daily? Twice daily?!)
  8. Relaxation time outside - a lot of it
  9. Karma yoga - giving time or resources freely to someone in need, without expectation (especially good for Pitta constitution)
  10. Connecting with old friends

Encore to-do - dance like no one's watching!

2 days - 10 to-dos - a weekend to say THANK YOU to body, breath, mind, and higher intelligence for all it's done over the decades!