5 Simple Ways To Support Your Nervous System

If you live life on the go, or have a non-routine lifestyle, chances are your nervous system can be stuck in ‘go-mode’ and has difficulty slowing down for food, rest, or sleep.

Just as you maintain your vehicle and home computer, you must maintain your human vehicle and it’s operating processes. Below is a list of recommendations for a healthy practice to support your modern lifestyle.

1) Before beginning yoga asana, meditation, a business meeting, or your exercise program, calm your nervous system with 3 minutes of Pure Breathing - also known as Sama Vriti:

  • Even inhale. Even exhale. Neither too shallow nor too deep. No pauses, smooth out inconsistencies.
  • Gentle and effortless mastery of a smooth, circular breath that inflates at the belly, with effortless awareness of the navel returning to the spine on the exhale.

2) 61 Points Rotating Awareness Practice whether in the morning before you begin your day, in the afternoon instead of your coffee break, or before bed for better sleep, enjoy the benefits of guided relaxation.

61 Points is an ancient practice which moves relaxed awareness to primary points in the body where energy channels converge. This practice can be used in the methodical science of yoga nidra(enlightened sleep). 10 days of consistent practice can re-set your nervous system, improve digestion and lead to more clarity of mind.

3) Self oil massage with warm sesame oil (or other appropriate oil as recommended by your Ayurvedic specialist). This practice is called abhyanga and not only offers soft smooth skin, but also helps lubricate joints, and move a stagnant or dry immune system to help prevent seasonal allergies and illness. Do not underestimate the power of this simple routine - doing this will prevent SOOO many issues!

4) Golden Milk before bedtime sends soothing plant medicine to your deep tissues providing nourishment and deep grounding to your bones and brain. Enjoy a cup of milk (yogis choice for dairy, almond, or soy) warmed with 1/3t ghee (clarified butter, find it in the oils section or butter section of your grocer), with a 3 finger pinch of turmeric, a pinch of ground black pepper, and a pinch of nutmeg and/or cardamom for additional healing and flavor. This is also serves as an anti-inflammatory treat. Nutmeg is a natural sedative. Cardamom helps the body digest dairy.

5) Legs-up-the-Wall is known as Viparita Karani. This is considered the ‘fountain of youth’ in ancient India as the practice works to relax the body as well as reverse the flow of gravity, moving stagnant blood, toxins and plasma into the torso where the heart can more efficiently cleanse and nourish the bloodstream. This also works to balance hormones and reduce fine lines around the eyes.

Give yourself permission to relax. Carve out time for your own self care and system maintenance!

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